How to add DHCP Scope Option 150 for Cisco CallManager

By default, the DHCP Scope option 150 for Cisco TFTP Server is not available on Windows Server. Below are the steps to add the configure the option 150:

1.  First we need to define the option 150 so that it can be made available in the scope options list. For this, right click on the IPv4and choose the option  Set Predefined Options… (screenshot below)


2.  Click on the Add… button and you will get another dialog box asking you the Option Type.

3.  Fill the details as mentioned below and shown in the screenshot:

Name: Cisco TFTP Server
Data Type: IP Address
Array: Checked
Code: 150
Description: Used for Cisco Call Manager TFTP Server 


4.  Click OK and click Edit Array button to enter the IP address for the TFTP Server (Screenshot below). Once you are done, click OK to exit.


5.  Now, to configure Option 150 for any scope, go to its Scope Options, right click on and choose Configure Options and select the Option 150 from the list. You can edit the IPs if you required.


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